Peter Humphreys – Rachel Goat’s

Peter Humphreys is a cheese maker of some repute who makes goats cheese at Bagborough Farm near Shepton Mallet in Somerset.  A well known and well loved member of the cheese fraternity, he worked with Graham Patfield at Park Farm near Bath, making Bath Soft Cheese before setting up his own dairy at Bagborough Farm.

Peter has developed a very good selection of goats cheeses which are rapidly gaining a reputation for their excellence and flavour.

Probably his most well known cheese is Rachel but there is another version of Rachel called Katherine which is washed with Somerset Cider Brandy.  Driftwood is a goat log covered in ash which is great for slicing and grilling.  Tor is a goat ash pyramid in the French tradition, it has a lemony flavour and a very smooth texture.

Peter Whitelake Cheese

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