Oxford Blue Mini

A full fat semi soft blue cheese. 300g. Silver foil wrapped Maturation 8 – 16 weeks.

In 1994 when Baron Pouget first conceived the idea of producing a semi soft blue cheese for his shop in Oxford, there was a lack of soft English Blue cheeses to rival the popular continental imports such as Dolcelatte, Cambozola and Fourme D’Ambert.
With the cooperation and technical expertise of a stilton manufacturer he developed the recipe for Oxford Blue which, over a period of time, was adjusted and refined to it’s present form: a creamy semi soft blue cheese described by Juliet Harbutt in her World Encyclopaedia of Cheese thus:

“When ripe, the cheese is a luscious creamy blue with a distinct but not strong, blue flavour. Aromatic and spicy, it has a hint of dark chocolate and white wine, with tarragon on the finish.”

In the first year, sales were limited to a few shops in the Oxford area, including the Oxford Cheese Company’s own shop in The Covered Market, and to Oxford colleges however Oxford blue’s reputation spread and demand from London stores and restaurant had to be met by increased production.
Oxford Blue is a popular cheese both with retailers and their customers and with caterers, and is regularly used by airlines such as British airways and at events such as Henley Royal Regatta, Ascot and Wimbledon.


Ox Blue Mini

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