Harley Pouget – Oxford Isis

Harley Pouget, although educated in England, spent a large part of his childhood in France, even attending the village school near the family chateau, at Flagy (renowned for the Moulin at Flagy restaurant).

Harley joined the Oxford Cheese Company after a stint in the city.  He had decided that commuting 4 hours a day and sitting in an office was not for him.

When his father suggested producing a washed rind cheese, using Oxfordshire honey mead, Harley began the process of creating a new cheese. After a lot of perseverance he has been successful in producing a real winner: the Oxford Isis Cheese.

Very popular with chefs and restaurateurs, Oxford Isis is presented in a wooden box and matures to a style similar to Epoisses, but with a distinctive sweetness, the result of the mead wash.  In 2009 Oxford Isis won the Cheese Lovers Trophy at the British Cheese Awards, and won a gold medal in 2012



Uffington Torch 2
A recent photo of Harley……..
The Olympic parade in Oxford was slightly delayed whilst officials
sought to retrieve the torch from his eager grasp.
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