Graham and Hugh Padfield – Bath Soft

The Padfield family has been happily milking a herd of cows at Park Farm for four generations. They currently have a herd of around 200 organic fresian cows. Almost 20 years ago (1993) Graham Padfield thought he would try making cheese. The family loved cheese and were being paid less and less for their milk. The cheese is now made in the same buildings in which Hugh’s grandmother made her cheddar. The cows are just a few hundred yards away.

Searching for a cheese to produce, Graham discovered a recipe for Bath (Soft) Cheese in an old grocer’s recipe book. It stipulates that the cheese must be made with full cream milk, that salt be sprinkled on the young cheeses (with the aid of a feather), and that the cheese should be soft and covered with white mould.

Bath Cheese was once well known, and in its heyday was recommended to Admiral Lord Nelson in a letter from his father (dated 1801).

Bath Soft Cheese is not stocked by any supermarkets but is available right across the UK from independent delis and cheese shops and is served in many prestigious restaurants.

Graham and Hugh Padfield

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