Charles Martell – Stinking Bishop

After a spell in the Falkland Islands Charles Martell came to Gloucestershire where he met and fell in love with a Gloucester cow………!

At the time (1972) this ancient Gloucestershire breed numbered just 68 head worldwide – mostly in Gloucestershire. Determined not to watch the breed becoming extinct he bought a farm, half a dozen cows and a bull and put his small herd to doing what Gloucester cows do best which is producing milk for the making of Double Gloucester cheese. And since the making of Single Gloucester cheese had died out he re-established that variety also. Over the last 40 years his farm has become a hot destination for press and television which in turn has caused his small farm cheesemaking business to thrive. He has introduced a number of new cheese varieties including Slack-ma-Girdle, sheep milk Nuns of Caen, and Stinking Bishop. This cheese is washed in perry from Charles’s collection of perry pear trees – which is another story in itself.

Charles Martell

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