Daily Telegraph – July 2006

Daily Telegraph 3 July 2006 Oxford SauceA Sauce of Pleasure

Baron Pouget couldn’t find a condiment to complement the cheese he had created, so he made his own brown sauce with a ‘hell of a kick”.

BaronĀ  Pouget, or Robert to his friends, is the founder of the Oxford Fine Food Company. The company was already well-known for its Oxford Blue Cheese when Pouget created a brand new local delicacy.
Partly out of frustration and partly out of the idle thought that his cheese could do with a complementary partner, Pouget spent a year perfecting a condiment that he named Baron Pouget’sĀ  Original Oxford Sauce. “I’m passionate about a really good sauce but I couldn’t find anything I really liked’ says the effervescent entrepreneur. So he made his own and hired a renowned sauce consultant, Geoff Austin, to help him create a natural sauce, with no colouring, additives or preservatives.
The sauce was sold to restaurants and delicatessens in and around Oxford and then taken up by Waitrose across Oxfordshire after one of its buyers discovered it. Oxford Fine Food Company employs eight staff and sells 400 bottles a week. The Baron personally tastes each batch.
Mr Pouget’s correct title is Baron Pouget de Saint Victor. That’s my full family name” he says, “I’m a French Baron, I just didn’t think it would fit on the label”.

His sauce is a “slightly sweet but also salty, strong sauce that would complement meat, fish, cheese and more. Thicker than Lea and Perrins, but stronger than HP and tomato ketchup.” The ingredients include tomatoes, date paste, molasses, garlic, mustard, cumin, tamarind and bird’s eye chillies. Pouget says, it is “a brown sauce but with a hell of a kick. Very special”. He says its a very good addition to a Bloody Mary.

A strong selling point “is thats its made in Oxford. People like the association that comes with the Oxford name”.

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