Jamie Montgomery – Mongomergy’s Cheddar

Jamie Montgomery runs the cheese production side of Montgomery’s family farm in North Cadbury, Somerset.  The cheddar it produces is renowned for it’s texture and flavour and is referred to as “The aristocrat of the Somerset Cheddar World”

The cheese is made 7 days a week to ensure the freshness of the milk and Jamie uses the same strains of starter culture as his grandfather did over 100 years ago.

About 120 cheeses are made each week with the milk produced by the farm’s 200 Friesian cows.  Matured for 12 months, wrapped in muslin cloths on wooden shelves, these cheddars are highly prized and sought after.

The farm stands close to Cadbury Castle, an Iron-age hill fort where an “Arthur figure” is believed to have defended Wessex from Saxon invaders around 450 ad.

There are stunning views from the top of this hill which is well worth the visit, as is the Camalot Pub in South Cadbury where good food and good beer is available.

Visit www.thecamalotpub.com for further info.

Jamie Montgomery

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