Speciality Food March/April 2013


Oxford Sauce has enjoyed a recent boost in popularity both in the UK and abroad, with distributors appointed in Japan and the States.

Twelve years ago, Baron Robert Pouget created his own version of a sauce which was said to have evolved in the University College kitchens of the late 17th Century.

In its new incarnation, Oxford Sauce is a combination of sweet and spice achieved by blending high-quality ingredients such as tamarind, dates, anchovies and real birdseye chilies.

In fact, the final recipe of what Robert calls his “terrific table sauce”, came about more or less by accident. “The decimal point on the chili content was misread at the time of conception,” the Baron says, “the surprised expressions on the faces of the tasting panel were replaced by smiles of approval and the decimal point has stayed firmly in its new position”.

Speciality Food March/April 2013
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