Oxford Times September 2013

Oxford Times Sept 13

The Oxford Cheese Shop in Oxford’s famous Covered Market has been trading since 1983 and is recognised as one of Britain’s premier cheese specialist retailers.  It has one of the best selections of English and Continental Cheeses which rivals any display in Britain or Europe.  There is an unusually diverse range of Ewe’s and Goat’s milk cheeses and a large selection of Alpine cheese, as well as our own range which includes Oxford Blue and Oxford Isis.


We supply whole cheeses from our large selection of English and Continental Farmhouse cheeses to build the Wedding Cake of your desire.
From our experience, Cheese Wedding Cakes tend to be eaten, not just at the Wedding lunch or dinner, but throughout the following celebrations as people drink and dance and then eat some cheese and bread or biscuits to recharge their batteries and soak up the drink.
As an example, we would estimate about 100gms to 150gms of cheese per person which would equate to 6-9kg of cheese for 60 people.  A safe bet could be 8kg of cheese for that amount of people and we could devise a ‘Cake’ with say 5 cheeses which would include a selection of hard, soft and blue cheeses of your choice.
Telephone the Manager at our specialist cheese shop in Oxford on 01865 721 420 and speak to  Jessica, who will help you design a Cheese Wedding Cake in the price bracket that suits you.

Oxford Blue

In 1983 Robert Pouget and a friend Gerry Stevens, joined up to open a cheese shop in Oxford’s covered market.
They were an unlikely pair  to go into such a venture, as Robert Pouget  was an artist and furniture designer, and Gerry Stevens was the manager of several pop groups.
The Cheese shop was an instant hit in Oxford: at the time there were very few specialist cheese shops, and it proved to be a welcome novelty.
In 1986 Robert Pouget formed the Oxford cheese company which took over the cheese shop in Oxford’s Covered Market and began to wholesale English and continental cheese to Oxford colleges and city restaurants.
Meanwhile a parallel operation was started by Robert’s son, William, producing natural foods and preserves from a production kitchen in Oxford City, he opened the Alpha Bar wholefood take-away, The Vaults and Garden Café in Radcliffe Square, and recently Will’s Deli, on Woodstock Road, Oxford.
In 1995 Robert Pouget began production of Oxford Blue a cheese in the tradition of stilton (it was produced in a Stilton dairy) but with a creamier consistency especially when the cheese was allowed to mature.
Oxford Blue is set to be produced at a new dairy under construction at Upton nr Burford, using milk from an Oxfordshire herd.

17 Covered Market, Oxford, OX1 3DU
Tel: 01865 721 420
Wholesale Warehouse, 14 Wornal Park,
Worminghall, HP18 9JX Tel: 01844 338055
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